Holly Jay

Simple way to do coon tails in your hair. 1. Get foil! plenty of foil!2. Goto a hair shop and get hair color and a tooth brush.(bright or diffrent colors work awesomely.)(the tooth brush works better for the small strips.)3. Take your hair and pull out strands you want to color.4. Place the foil around […]

Carolina Calamity

Being scene is really just word that was slapped on to the big board of labels to describe those of us who choose to be different. Tease your hair as big as you want, cut it how you feel, wear what you feel. That’s all scene really is- being yourself. I’ve been through so many […]

Naya Rockstaarhh

HOW TO CUT UR OWN EMO/SCENE HAIR STYLE: come up with a hair style i want or even search online for the hairstylelong or short all need the same things you will need a good pair of scissorsa comba mirrorand of course your hands ^_^ 1>make sure your hair is straight, not curly cus curly […]

Katy Vonanixxoe

~how to backcomb your hair with 10 simple steps without making a fool outta’ yourself~ things you’ll need:a comb.(preferebly a backcombing comb)hairspray.a normal brush.clips.hair.a mirror. 1. brush your hair striaght.2. part your hair and seperate other parts from the part you’d like to backcomb.3. lift up the area you want to backcomb (bit at a […]

Jade Razorblade

How To Do Coontails;  1Section out the pieces of your hair you want to turn into coontails. Make sure all of your remaining hair is pulled back tightly and out of the way. If you have curly hair make sure you straighten it before dying to make things easier. 2Now prepare your stripes making stencils […]

Tallulah Teardrop

Have you always wanted the big hair that all the pretty scene girls have, but never understood how to make it? Here’s all the steps you need. Steps 1.Straighten your hair. It isn’t too smart to tease it curly or wavy because it damages it easier. DO NOT FORGET TO USE A HEAT PROTECTANT FOR YOUR […]

~abby XD~

When i was younger, my mom and dad split up and i had no clue were he had gone, then a few months later my mom told me that we were moving in with her boyfriend. i was NOT happy to move, and it was very hard for me and i started wearing dark colors, […]

Xandria CrescentMoon

Ello,im Xandria 😀 not really sure what to put so i guess ill just put random things ^_^im a really kind person,so ive heard haha im a vegatarian for about 4 years nowi color my hair about once a moth or more offten :sim obssesed with england i think its absolutly the most amazing place in the world […]

RhiA KiLLjOy

Make up tips to bold and long lasting make up!! [: 1) if you put a little drop of water in your eye shadow, it will make the color brighter and more bold.2} When doing your make up start with the base, liquid first then powder.3} different size make up brushes fo rdifferent things. don’t just […]

Cassi Catastrophie

1 First you need to wear skinny jeans. They look nice with nearly everything, depending on what your wearing. Bright colors help out with the look and animal prints can also help, but not always. 2 You can wear skirts too. Skirts are an elegant way to look scene. They can add an effect to […]