Kitty Kaliber

How I Do My Faerie/Elf Hair1. Wash hair and let it air dry(make sure you don’t get any wonky bits)2. Apply heat protector to your hair and then straighten it allll over.3. Tuck your hair behind your ears.4. Take a comb and place it vertically against your jawbone (At the side of your head in front […]

Danii SeasAnchors

How to Pierce your septum Yourself: ask your parents permission first and if they say no then dont do it!! Thing you will need:a 14 G. Pin/Safety PinIceQ-TipPeroxideLighterSeptum Ring Step 1:Clean nose THOROUGHLY, with the peroxide. Step 2:Ice is to help numb the inside of your nose this is only an option you do not […]

Marie Murder

HOW TO CHOOSE A SCENE NAME: 1.Do your research. Look around the internet for other scene nicknames. Pay particular attention to those you like and those you hate. 2.Decide on the features you want. 3.Decide on appropriate words to use. Make a collage or list of all the features about yourself you think are important. […]

Angelique Jefferson

How to make coon tail extensions using food coloring~ Things you’ll need:Hair weft (not to dark! Blond would be the best if you want them bright, light brown if you want them dark)Sew on clipsNeedleThreadFood coloringSharpieTowle Time: 45 mins tops! Maybe more is you’re slow. 😮 and it also depends on how long you let […]

Mizz Foamy Raiinbow

hello!! 😀This article is aboutHow to make stripes in your hair without extensionsI molessto it is that sometimes can be extensions because you do not always know how to place and are seen to start extenciones.Your need materials such as:-Bleaching powder (Blondor)-Dye color of your choice-Hydrogen peroxide, 40 and 20-Aluminum foil-Fine comb-Glass container-Notebookpaper-Masking tape (white) […]

Kiwii Kenzie

How to Layer Hair Often, how to layer hair gets confusing to hairstylists and customers alike. Normally, hair layering is defined as cutting hair at different lengths that conform to an established style. This is true for short, long, medium, or combined lengths. Layering hair can also seem complicated, because of the various layering methods […]