Kitty Kaliber

How I Do My Faerie/Elf Hair
1. Wash hair and let it air dry(make sure you don’t get any wonky bits)
2. Apply heat protector to your hair and then straighten it allll over.
3. Tuck your hair behind your ears.
4. Take a comb and place it vertically against your jawbone (At the side of your head in front of your ear).
5. Pull the comb down so that it brings forward your sideburns.
6. Separate your sideburns from the rest of your hair by combing them forward and the rest of your hair backwards.
7. Pin your hair back with bobby pins and spray with hairspray. The bobby pins will help discipline your hair to go back.
8. If your hair is stubborn like mine, keep spraying until it stays. xD (P.S. If you have long hair then do a half pony instead. And if you have short choppy layers, leave the bottom longer layer down and push back the shorter layers.)
9. For long bangs: Either pin them up or to the side to reveal your forehead.
10. For short bangs: Spray your bangs with hairspray until they’re damp.
11. Run your hands up through your bangs and style them up and over.
12. Final Step! This style is supposed to be a bit messy, so gently muss up your hair and get it to that perfectly messy state and you’re done!