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How to Pierce your septum Yourself: ask your parents permission first and if they say no then dont do it!!

Thing you will need:
a 14 G. Pin/Safety Pin
Septum Ring

Step 1:
Clean nose THOROUGHLY, with the peroxide.

Step 2:
Ice is to help numb the inside of your nose this is only an option you do not have to do this step. If you proceed put the ice in each nostril and hold for desired time, it helps the pain only a bit

Step 3:
Take the lighter and hold it to the 14 G pin. It will kill the germs on the pin and also may help with the pain.

Step 4: 
Put on the inside of your septum be careful if pierced through cartilage it will hurt WAY worse. Personally I pierced 2 CM foreward than supposed to, it hurts less and its easier to take care of.

Step 5:
I advise a fast piercing not to go slow with it, clean thoroughly everyday