Angelique Jefferson

How to make coon tail extensions using food coloring~

Things you’ll need:
Hair weft (not to dark! Blond would be the best if you want them bright, light brown if you want them dark)
Sew on clips
Food coloring

Time: 45 mins tops! Maybe more is you’re slow. 😮 and it also depends on how long you let it sit.

This is an easy and fun way for you to make coon tails quick and cheap! Lets start!

1.Sew the clips onto the weft after you’ve measured how long you want it to be.

2. Put the extension down on the towel

3.Pour the food coloring on the extension. Make sure it’s fully covered in the coloring over wise it will look stupid

4.Let it sit as long as you want. I let mine sit for 30 mins, but that’s only because I want to make sure it dyes dark.

5.Rinse the coloring out in the sink until there is barely any color in the water.

6.Blow dry it!!!

7.Put on flat surface.

8.Start sharping the black part of tthe coon tail.

9.Put in your hair and enjoy!