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This article is about
How to make stripes in your hair without extensions
I molessto it is that sometimes can be extensions because you do not always know how to place and are seen to start extenciones.Your need materials such as:
-Bleaching powder (Blondor)
-Dye color of your choice
-Hydrogen peroxide, 40 and 20
-Aluminum foil
-Fine comb
-Glass container
-Masking tape (white)

1 .- You must begin by separating the hair would not want to become discolored.
2 .- Click the wicks of two centimeters or depends on how you want.
3 .- In the notebook paper cut into long strips with holes in tables I mean five millimeter and centimeter and a half then cut it in tabular form with a height of one centimeter and a half and two inches wide and about five millimeters wide. Strips may be necessary depending on how many strands you want to do.
4 .- First of all applicable to fine comb to comb the wick, and then place the strip on top of the wick that will discolor; attach with masking tape. You can place the strips on both sides if you want, but need to stay in the same way the two.
5 .- Prepare the mixture of equal parts bleach and peroxide of 40, to see if the mixture is well check it slowly turns the glass container, if the mixture is moving more missing bleach powder.
6 .- Place the mixture Ensim of the strips (You have to bleach one or two at a time.) Verify that the mixture does not exparsa sideways.
7 .- Leave for 40 minutes, but it depends if your hair has blonde color to take.
8 .- Then proceed to wash the wick and dry with a hair dryer.
9 .- Make the mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and the dye.
10 .- This mixture if it can be placed throughout the match as they only stay where hiso fading, leave for 30 to 40 minutes
11 .- Once the color remaining in the wick to wash it happen.
12 .- Leave to dry or dry with the dryer and is wonderfully beautiful.
13 .- Enjoy your wicks. Hugs and I hope they serve.