Holly Jay

Simple way to do coon tails in your hair.

1. Get foil! plenty of foil!
2. Goto a hair shop and get hair color and a tooth brush.(bright or diffrent colors work awesomely.)(the tooth brush works better for the small strips.)
3. Take your hair and pull out strands you want to color.
4. Place the foil around the areas not being colored.
5. Take a bowl and put some of the color in the bowl,then dip the tooth brush in the color and run down evenly the parts you want colored.
6. Wait for it to set in for about 30 mins. (use a hair drier if you want it darker.)
7. Take the foil off and wash then dry. When its completely dry straighten and fluff to give it that scene UmPh!:)

After you finish your hair go out and flaunt it!!!
Remember if you cant use actual hair color theres always food color and Kool-Aid!