Carolina Calamity

Being scene is really just word that was slapped on to the big board of labels to describe those of us who choose to be different. Tease your hair as big as you want, cut it how you feel, wear what you feel. That’s all scene really is- being yourself. I’ve been through so many different stages. I’ve been a prep, emo, and “normal” , and pretty much everything in between. Now that I’ve entered highschool, I’ve found my place. I have blue hair and I love my skinny jeans and band t-shirts. My converse are my babies. My favorite band in the entire world is My Chemical Romance. And I’m not ashamed to be who I really am anymore. Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to dress, or who you should be. You are your own person, so let what you feel and who you are on the inside, be reflected on the outside.

Hey, I’m Carolina Calamity. I’m 15, almost 16, and I’m proud of who I am <3


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