Naya Rockstaarhh


come up with a hair style i want or even search online for the hairstyle
long or short all need the same things

you will need a good pair of scissors
a comb
a mirror
and of course your hands ^_^

1>make sure your hair is straight, not curly cus curly maye get crazy while cutting
start with the shortest part of hair u want ofc your bangs

2>evenly dvide the hair and comb thru

3>hold the hair between your middle and and index finger

3> cut as short as u want but not so short
you also wanna make sure you have enough incase u need to cut a little more later

4> to make it layered 
hold the up into an angle
not just regulaerly down like for a regular hair cut
make sure your careful to not to cut too short

5>incase you have long hair
will need to be in more of an angle will also be more layered and more wow

6>use your cut hair as a guide
holding the cut next to the uncut as to know how much is needed left

when ur finished with all your hair
make it cute
put a style
tease it
use clips 
and show off your new hair cut
be proud to say “i cut my own hair”