Katy Vonanixxoe

~how to backcomb your hair with 10 simple steps without making a fool outta’ yourself~

things you’ll need:
a comb.(preferebly a backcombing comb)
a normal brush.
a mirror.

1. brush your hair striaght.
2. part your hair and seperate other parts from the part you’d like to backcomb.
3. lift up the area you want to backcomb (bit at a time)
4. from half way down all the way do the scalp drag the comb through it.
5. do this 2-3 times.
6. spray the horrible knotty part.
7. wait for it to dry.
8. from the non backcombed part up to the knotty part brush it down using a bormal brush ( so it’s volumised but not tatty and unhealthy looking)
9. makesure you look in the mirror from different angles so it looks right. ( some people do it straight on and don’t realise that the back of their heads look like a badgers ass.
10. spray over and enjoy. 🙂