Xandria CrescentMoon

Ello,im Xandria 😀 not really sure what to put so i guess ill just put random things ^_^
im a really kind person,so ive heard haha 
im a vegatarian for about 4 years now
i color my hair about once a moth or more offten :s
im obssesed with england i think its absolutly the most amazing place in the world :d
oh gosh,i sound so annnoiyng >_>
i have alot of personal problems like everyonelse,i try to be as happy as possible which is very difficult
i do counciling,kinda haha i really care about how other people feel and want to help them 🙂
lalalaa,urmmm i like to sing
my favorite bands are:Sleeping with sirens,eyes set to kill,and falling in reverse
my favorite color right now is teal
uhmmm thats it i guess ^_^ thanks for reading