Cassi Catastrophie

1 First you need to wear skinny jeans. They look nice with nearly everything, depending on what your wearing. Bright colors help out with the look and animal prints can also help, but not always.

2 You can wear skirts too. Skirts are an elegant way to look scene. They can add an effect to make you look young and cute. try a fluffy skirt but not fluffy like a tutu unless you like that look.

3 Wear shorts. They look nice and are nice with a thin top.

4 If you like tutus, try getting one in animal print. If you don’t like this look you don’t need it.

5 Try wearing a bit of makeup. Use some mascara, lipstick, and blush. Maybe even a bit of glitter or eyeliner if your parents allow it. if you even use the makeup with this look, use many colors and experiment with the ways you do your eyeliner.

6 Buy some shirts and belts. You don’t have to follow the scene look completely but you can if you want to. shirts that have no point at all like a picture of a unicorn eating cake, are good for this look.