Destinee Likesdumdums

~How To Do Scene Make-Up~

Step Nee: Many scene kids keep their mascara and eyeliner and the rest of their makeup simple. The eyes are the main focus, so never let the rest of your makeup overpower them. Sheer lip gloss if any, is best, and the pale look is always welcome.

Step Twoo: Try using bright eyeshadow and/or eyeliner colors like blue, pink or green… You don’t have to stick with black!!!

Step Three: Fake Lashes!!! Never underestimate what fake lashes can do for your scene look. You can buy these inexpensively at almost any drugstore near you. Make sure you buy the full band of lashes instead of singular lashes, and try to get the duo adhesive glue, it comes on the lashes and won’t stay on your eyelid.

Step Four: (optional) You can add drawn on stars or other shapes and/or designs next to your eyes…

Step Five: Top your eyelids with translucent powder for more staying power.

Step Sixx: Start with a white base, which should begin at your eyebrow and end at the crease. (or somewhere around there)

Step Seven: In your crease, apply the darkest shade you will be using.

Step Eight: Apply a light line of eyeshadow near your lash line.

Step Nine: Apply eyeliner, thick or thin.

Complete!!! Make any adjustments needed to fit the look you are trying to aquire.