Destinee Likesdumdums

~How To Do Scene Make-Up~ Step Nee: Many scene kids keep their mascara and eyeliner and the rest of their makeup simple. The eyes are the main focus, so never let the rest of your makeup overpower them. Sheer lip gloss if any, is best, and the pale look is always welcome. Step Twoo: Try […]

Holly Jay

Simple way to do coon tails in your hair. 1. Get foil! plenty of foil!2. Goto a hair shop and get hair color and a tooth brush.(bright or diffrent colors work awesomely.)(the tooth brush works better for the small strips.)3. Take your hair and pull out strands you want to color.4. Place the foil around […]

Jaclob Wilkster <33

Ohai, the name’s Jaclob.I was born on the 27th of march 1995, which makes me 16.I live in a small town with so many different people.Some people love how i look, some people think i look like trash, but at the end of the day i’m the one who decides if it looks good or not. […]

Kiwii Kenzie

How to Layer Hair Often, how to layer hair gets confusing to hairstylists and customers alike. Normally, hair layering is defined as cutting hair at different lengths that conform to an established style. This is true for short, long, medium, or combined lengths. Layering hair can also seem complicated, because of the various layering methods […]

Cassi Catastrophie

1 First you need to wear skinny jeans. They look nice with nearly everything, depending on what your wearing. Bright colors help out with the look and animal prints can also help, but not always. 2 You can wear skirts too. Skirts are an elegant way to look scene. They can add an effect to […]

Mizz Foamy Raiinbow

hello!! 😀This article is aboutHow to make stripes in your hair without extensionsI molessto it is that sometimes can be extensions because you do not always know how to place and are seen to start extenciones.Your need materials such as:-Bleaching powder (Blondor)-Dye color of your choice-Hydrogen peroxide, 40 and 20-Aluminum foil-Fine comb-Glass container-Notebookpaper-Masking tape (white) […]

RhiA KiLLjOy

Make up tips to bold and long lasting make up!! [: 1) if you put a little drop of water in your eye shadow, it will make the color brighter and more bold.2} When doing your make up start with the base, liquid first then powder.3} different size make up brushes fo rdifferent things. don’t just […]

Angelique Jefferson

How to make coon tail extensions using food coloring~ Things you’ll need:Hair weft (not to dark! Blond would be the best if you want them bright, light brown if you want them dark)Sew on clipsNeedleThreadFood coloringSharpieTowle Time: 45 mins tops! Maybe more is you’re slow. 😮 and it also depends on how long you let […]

Xandria CrescentMoon

Ello,im Xandria 😀 not really sure what to put so i guess ill just put random things ^_^im a really kind person,so ive heard haha im a vegatarian for about 4 years nowi color my hair about once a moth or more offten :sim obssesed with england i think its absolutly the most amazing place in the world […]

Marie Murder

HOW TO CHOOSE A SCENE NAME: 1.Do your research. Look around the internet for other scene nicknames. Pay particular attention to those you like and those you hate. 2.Decide on the features you want. 3.Decide on appropriate words to use. Make a collage or list of all the features about yourself you think are important. […]